Day 1: Boston to Ithaca, It’s Gorgeous, er Gorges.

Lucifer Falls Robert Treman State ParkToday, I finally left for my road trip.  After months of planning obsessively and days of packing and outfitting “the rig”, I finally got in and turn the key and headed out.

First, stop:  Rack Attack!  Shout out to Brian at the Framingham store who changed out the cylinder and gave me a new, locking system for the Thule roof rack that saved my life – another shout out to Seven and her wife for lending me the Thule!  Without it, I would have been a very miserable girl.  Why?  Because I am a notorious “over-packer.”  Yeah.  That’s me.  Hard to fight that inner Victorian.  Sigh.  But with the Thule, hell, I can pack twice as much!  Not that I will need any of it but whatever.

Okay, so, I have a working roof rack now and I am on the road.  I took off a bit later than anticipated, but I made it to Ithaca before sunset.  Just barely.   I decided that tonight I will test the SUV-RVing theory and sleep in the Rav4.  Not enough time to set up the tent and hell, it will be nice.  Snug, but nice.

On the way, to Ithaca I was reminded what Clem Turner said to me a few Hippie Hours ago:  traveling across country will make you fall in love with America.  Well, I am one day into this journey and I am smitten.  Driving along Interstate 88 in New York, up and down rolling green hills and around blue mountains while listening to Wilco and Mary Jane Blige will make anyone fall in love.  I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face if I tried.

Then, I see the change in the geography and notice the grey-brown, striated rocks that will eventually inform the gorges of the lakes region and I know I am in new territory.

When I arrived, the sun was making long shadows on the hillsides and co-eds were walking home in bathing suits from their favorite swimming hole.  It was magical.

Finding my campsite at Robert Treman State Park was a bit less magical.  Recent flooding rains have taken out bridges and made the roads impassible.  No signage at the park entrance turned my hunt into a discouraging game for about 40 minutes as I went up and down the park system looking for a way in.  Finally, I found the new entrance and made my way to my site – conveniently located next to the dump.  Ha.  Well, live and learn to read a campsite map!


I took off and found Ithaca Beer.  A sweet oasis on Rt. 13A a mere 7 minutes from the campsite.  One Flower Power IPA and a grilled cheese with tomato and eggplant soup and I have found my comfort zone.  Now, just need to use the facility and snuggle into my cozy Rav4 for the night.  Will let you know tomorrow how the mattress does in the back of the car.  4 inches of foam should do the trick.


G’night, y’all.  Tomorrow:  NY Finger Lakes Wine Country, Watkins Glen Park, and Niagara Falls, Canadian side.  ; )

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