The real Day 3: Canadians are terrific.

Oh, Canada!  This is how I started my third day of travel:  with lots of Canadian hospitality and good will and love.   First, after a restful night’s sleep in my Niagara Falls Airbnb, I came down to find an lovely spread of breakfast makings on a dining room table.  Yogurt, bread, muffins, granola, and puddings were laid out before me like I was Queen Elizabeth herself.   Meanwhile, my host, John, was toiling away in the kitchen making me a real eggs benny with Canadian bacon.  Yum.  It was so good and kept me going most of the day.  Thanks, John!


And while I ate he gave me insider tips on where to travel, saving me from a tiresome drive and diverting me to the Bruce peninsula where I could catch a ferry across Lake Huron.  Give me a ferry any day over a boring drive.

So, I headed out west after saying farewell and thanks.  I stopped at the local Starbucks for a latte before heading on the highway, and when I pulled into the parking lot, a gentleman who was entering his car next to mine, took one look at my Mass plates and smiled at me saying, “Welcome to Canada!”  A complete stranger, mind you.  And he said this SINCERELY!  Not a hint of sarcasm.  Not one whiff!  I was not in Kansas any more.

Even barrista in the Starbucks chatted me up about my trip, and then the lady at the deli where I stopped for lunch, and by gosh and by gun, the family who was camping at the site next to mine in Tobermory, came over and offered me a brownie.  Gluten free with frosting.  What the hell is happening here?  Oh, yeah.  I’m in Canada!   (Now mind you, the lady with the brownie first asked me what I thought of Trump before handing over the goods.  Apparently, I passed the test.)

I have to say that I have yet to meet a rude or unfriendly Canadian.  Not that this is proof that none exist, but I would say that my very unscientific study so far points to the conclusion that these guys are our friends.  Did you hear that Donald??  Our friends!

And to a fault they have all said how horrified they are for us and how, yes, we will be welcome up here if things don’t work out in November.  But I still have hope that they will turn around but mind you, it is nice to know you have a friend in Canada.

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