Day 4: Resting in Tobermory, ON

Today I didn’t get in my car except to re-pack it.  And let me tell ya, after only 4 days of traveling, it looked like a bomb had gone off in there.  Frantic searches for bottle openers or tent stakes made for a very disorganized mess.   Disconcerting since I thought I had done such an amazing job of packing and organizing.  Clearly not.


But I think I’m back on track.  Having this day to unwind and not worry about my next stop was a gift.  I had a nice night’s sleep in the tent listening to the wind picking up outside.  A cold front came through over night and cooled the temps down to autumnal levels.  Brisk is how I would put it.  But stunningly beautiful.  Blue-blue skies and crystal clear waters of Lake Huron.  My campground, Land’s End, is a mere mile away from downtown Tobermory and it was a pleasant bike ride into town this morning.

I locked up the bike (probably unnecessary) and walked around this tiny port town.  The ferry to South Baymouth leaves from here and other than that there is a grocery store, a few restaurants specializing in fish and chips, a brew-pub, bookstore and a few galleries.  The perfect little tourist town.

I bought a sandwich at the Food Land and hiked thru town and onto the Bruce Trail that leads all the way to Niagara Falls.  I did not go that far, but the short hike to Dunk’s Bay was lovely.  The Canadian government really cares for it’s natural lands and the park services and trails and stellar.  There was a visitor center with rangers conducting trail walks and lectures, and a movie theater showing the history of the peninsula.  Outside, a tall tower was available for the brave to climb and take a view of the surrounding area.  But the strong winds made the tower sway a bit so I didn’t last more than a few minutes.  Plus, it was cold up there!

I hiked over to Dunk’s Bay along with a gaggle of other tourists from other parts of Canada and the world, found a nice rock to sit on, and had my sandwich.  Bliss.  Listening to the waves crash and roll back along rock ledges was like music.

After I made my way back into town, I stopped into some of the galleries and bookstore and ended up back at the Crow’s Nest Pub for a local brew.

Biking back to the campground, I stopped off at the small beach near the camp and watched a couple kayaking against the strong winds.  I was glad to be safely on shore.

Tonight, low key again.  Just gonna put my feet up at the campsite and read Travels With Charley until I drift off.  Early wake up tomorrow to pack up and make it to the ferry before another LONG all-day drive to Sault St. Marie.   Next stop:  USA.

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